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Scrubs TV – The jokes you laugh at probably aren’t mine, but I can put “Peabody Award winner” in front of my name because of this show without being too much of a liar.

Dumpster World – I am no longer broke but why spend money when stores throw out NEW stuff? My last find (11/07): Two giant bags of Nutro dog food.

My Amazon Wishlist – Please let me know if any of these books suck before I waste my money. – I co-founded this site w/one of my most favorite people in the world. It’s the home of The Roots, D’Angelo, Common and many other fine and fair artists. My heart and brain still put “okay” in front of every noun.

Getting a Sitcom Writing Gig – “Folks in Hollywood read because they have to, not because they want to.”

Television Writing FAQ – “A good TV writer thrives under pressure and can work long hours alongside other crazy people without actually biting them.” So true.

Revision Checklist for Writers – Think your book or short story is finished? Read this, then print it out and go over what you wrote.

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