What are you writing about next?

Well, as of this writing (12/2017), I’ve finished the season The Last OG and am working on a pilot for Fox.

Oh, and in between all that, I’m also working on another book (but I’m a be honest – it’s nice not to live in poverty writing books.  I want to adopt some kids who don’t have to use lunch tickets.)

Are your books going to be on TV / in the movies? I heard…

My books have been optioned…which is a far cry from being on the air / on the screen.  Just means someone owns the rights to make them for a specific period of time.  Took me a decade to learn that…. as well as the difference between a studio and a network… and the phrases “drive on,” “package deal,” and “check the gate.”

Is it hard writing about your family? What does your mother think?

My mother said to me before passing (way too prematurely) was “You should write novels.” She’s from the old school “don’t put your biz in the streets” era, while I think secrets / shame over things you can’t control mean people think they are alone.

That said, I’ve learned the following steps work best when dealing with angry, embarrassed relatives:

1) thank them – this stuns them.

2) give them a compliment that shows how they influenced you to do the embarrassing thing they are angry about then;

3) cite a famous person who has embarrassed his / her family in worse ways than you.

For example: Perhaps a member of my family calls in tears when she reads the “mental health inpatient” chapter. Family member: “Angela, how could you tell the world you were in a psych ward for depression?” My reply: “Family Member, thank you for that. And can I just say that I am so happy that you gave me the inspiration to not be embarrassed about who I am. Praise God I’m not Jeffrey Dahmer who didn’t get any type of treatment and kept human heads in his refrigerator next to the swiss cheese. Imagine how embarrassed his family was…”

I need help with my writing. Can you help?

Unfortunately, no, not at this time. However, this is far and away the best advice I have ever read online for writing: https://mystorydoctor.com/ten-reasons-why-ill-quickly-reject-your-story/

How do I get into TV writing?

There are so many resources online! Here’s where I’d start first: https://goodinaroom.com/blog/how-to-become-a-writer-for-tv/

Any other questions? Find me on twitter when I’m procrastinating! Happy reading and writing!