Angela Nissel is a television writer and national best-selling author.  What the hell does she write? Well, there’s these two books: the national best-selling, “Oprah featured” comedic memoir The Broke Diaries and the critically-acclaimed Mixed.  (“Critically-acclaimed” means it was chosen as one of the best books of the year by Publishers Weekly for its “raw, yet humorous portrayal” of growing up with a Black Panther mom and White dad and “honest, unflinching portrayal of her mental health”… but it sold like crap.

Oh, and TV. For over 17 years, Angela has been one of the (very) few female voices of color in the half-hour comedy world. Since 2001, she has served as writer / producer on ScrubsThe Last OG, Til Death, The Boondocks, Tyler The Creator’s The Jellies and now, she is writer / co-executive producer on Mixedish. 

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Thank you! (I don’t know why I’m writing this in the third person – Angela.)


What People Have Said About Angela’s Work

Mixed is a hilarious must-read for anyone searching for the enchanting path to self-discovery. Angela Nissel’s precise account of living the mixed race experience not only hit home with me, but the journey is deliciously enlightening and heart-rending at the same time. It’s a journey well worth taking.” – Halle Berry

Mixed is so funny I’ve already started telling people I helped Angela write it.” – Bill Lawrence, creator of Scrubs and Cougartown

“Zadie Smith is better looking.” – Chico, cousin who owes Nissel $10.

“I love her alimony checks!” – Ex-husband


Angela Nissel Mixed