Angela Nissel authored two books: the national best-selling, “Oprah featured” comedic memoir The Broke Diaries and the critically acclaimed comedic book – but only her mom and some cousins seemed to have purchased it – Mixed.

In addition to books, she also writes TV (Scrubs, The Jellies‘Til Death, The Boondocks) and talks shit on Words With Friends.

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What People Have Said About Angela’s Work

Mixed is a hilarious must-read for anyone searching for the enchanting path to self-discovery. Angela Nissel’s precise account of living the mixed race experience not only hit home with me, but the journey is deliciously enlightening and heart-rending at the same time. It’s a journey well worth taking.” – Halle Berry

Mixed is so funny I’ve already started telling people I helped Angela write it.” – Bill Lawrence, creator of Scrubs and Cougartown

“Zadie Smith is better looking.” – Chico, cousin who owes Nissel $10.

“I love her alimony checks!” – Ex-husband


Angela Nissel Mixed